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Do You Want a Radical, Future-Ready CPA Firm?

Radical CPAs are changing their firms by innovating practice models and putting clients first. This change results from a movement in your firm lead by a team of people who understand why change is needed and are willing to make it happen.

The Radical Residency will equip you with the knowledge, tools and support needed to lead your firm from a traditional model to a radical one. You’ll learn how to:

  • Be a change agent
  • Focus on value
  • Embrace technology
  • Manage your team in a new way
  • Much, much more

Over this 18-month residency, you’ll learn from the one of the nation’s first Radical CPAs, Jody Padar.

Jody does an admirable job of challenging many of the legacy beliefs and processes that limit CPA firms’ ability to be truly innovative today.
— Joey Havens, CPA, CMG, Executive Partner, Horne LLP


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